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Articles for Tabla

Articles for Tabla

Articles for Tabla page provides you with a vast range of Articles related to Tabla and Indian classical music. We are updating our database every month. You can also send us your articles on various topics. e.g. Pakhawaj, Dholak, Thumri, Dhamaar, Hori, Instrumental, Vocal, Dance-related articles. We will analyze them and add them to our article database with your reference. Sharing your knowledge with others is not a small thing, This is what you are providing to the community. It is also a part of social service we can do towards our music society.

To send us your articles please mail them to with "Articles for Tabla" in the subject line. We appreciate your contribution. Selected articles will also be published in our upcoming E-Book.

We are trying to update articles, For Example 'Yati-Ek Veechar, tabla Sangat, Sangeet Chikitsa, Place of Tabla in Present time, Riyaz-kab aur Kaise, Relation between Taal and Raag, Taal Lipi Padhati/Taal Script, Importance of SUM, Gharanas of Gayaki, Gharanas of Pakhawaj, Tabla banaam Jodi, etc...articles soon. Please do send us your suggestion about how do you feel about our work. Also, we love to know what next we should upload or any suggestions to improve our services and database. This is how we can serve you better.

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