Tabla Tutorials

Tabla Tutorials

Here in Tabla Tutorials section of our website. You can Learn Tabla Online For free in various taals like Dadra, Roopak, Kehrwa, Jhap taal, Teen Taal, Etc.. We are offering this service for those students who cannot afford tutions for Tabla. We are uploading new lessons regularly from which you can take benefit. You can find Video Tutorials and written notes here.

We are here sharing our knowledge with you all because I personally witness this situation when some students shared their experience. How they are declined many times because they are unable to pay for the lessons. So I decided to give a platform to students like themĀ  to learn whatever they want to. We are trying hard to update our website regularly. So keep visiting this page to watch new lessons.

Tabla Notes

Tabla Tutorial

Dadra Taal

Matra-6; Vibhag-2; Tali-1; Khali-4

Roopak Taal

Matra-7; Vibhag-3; Tali-4,6; Khali-1

Kehrwa Taal

Matra-8; Vibhag-2; Tali-1; Khali-5

Mat Taal

Matra-9; Vibhag-3; Tali-1,7; Khali-5

Jhap Taal

Matra-10; Vibhag-4; Tali-1,3,8; Khali-6

Char Taal Ki Sawari

Matra-11; Vibhag-5; Tali-1,5,7,9; Khali-5.

Some Records Refer to other Vibhag and Taali system. I will soon Update them also.

Ek Taal

Matra-12; Vibhag-6;Tali-1,5,9,11;Khali-3,7

Jai Taal

Matra-13; Vibhag-7; Taali-1,3,7,11,12; Khali-5,9.

Deep Chandi Taal

Matra-14; Vibhag-4;Tali-1,4,11;Khali-8

Pancham Sawari Taal

Matra-15; Vibhag-4; Tali-1,4,12; Khali-8

Teen Taal

Matra-16; Vibhag-4; Tali-1,5,13; Khali-9

Misc. Topics

Topics which Cover more than 1 Taal.

We hope these lessons which we are uploading regularly are helpful to you. So, We are requesting you to give your valuable feedback to us on our work. We would like to know that what you think about current lessons and what we should add next to them.

you can send your valuable feedback to us at "[email protected]" with Suggestions/Feedback in the subject line.

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