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Tabla Lessons

Tabla Lessons

Tabla Lessons is our platform where we are offering free educational material for the students. You can learn with the help of detailed video tutorials and written notes. We also have added articles, quizzes, books, etc for you.

Tabla Lessons

Tabla Tutorials

Here you can find tutorials for all taals. You can learn Compositions Like Peshkar, Kaida, Rela, Tukda, Tihai, Chakardar, Laggi, etc.

Taal Database

Here you can find all taal thekas. We have added taal thekas, their Taali-Khali with hands and written notes as well.

Tabla Lessons


Here you can find various articles on Indian Classical Music.

Books for Tabla

Here you can find useful books for Tabla & Indian Classical Music. We have added Free Books.

Tabla Quiz

Here you can find some interactive quizzes related to IndianĀ  Classical Music. It is a series of MCQs - Multi Choice Questions.

Tabla Apps

Here you can find some useful Apps for Android/ Windows platforms for practice.

Learn to write Layakari

Here you can learn how to write Ekgun, Dugun, Tigun, Chaugun, Aad, kuad & Biad Layakaris. We also included the rule for the calculations of the layakaris.

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