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Kehrwa Laggi 2

Kehrwa Laggi 2

kehrwa laggi 2 is our second laggi composition on this site. We have uploaded many of them. Please visit the site and take benefit from it. Our website is providing free tutorials, quizes, articles and much more to learn.

Laggi is a small composition which is meant to play fast. It has both khali and bhari parts. it can be improvised. Laggi is used with light music, e.g. Bhajan, gurbani Sangeet, Lok Sangeet, etc. Laggi is mostly used in dadra, kehrwa and roopak taal. In other words we can say that it is used in semi-classical or light music.

Now let us learn Kehrwa Laggi 2.

Kehrwa laggi 2

Kehrwa Laggi

Dhagena Dhage Tina Ti,

Takena Dhage Dhina Ti.


Dhagena Dhage Tina Ti Dhagena Dhage Tina Ti Dha,

Dhagena Dhage Tina Ti Dhagena Dhage Tina Ti Dha,

Dhagena Dhage Tina Ti Dhagena Dhage Tina Ti Dha.

कहरवा लग्गी-२

धागेना धागे तिना ती,

ताकेना धागे धिना ति |


धागेना धागे तिना ती धागेना धागे तिना ती धा,

धागेना धागे तिना ती धागेना धागे तिना ती धा,

धागेना धागे तिना ती धागेना धागे तिना ती धा |

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