Tabla Notes

Dadra Taal

Matra-6; Vibhag-2; Tali-1; Khali-4

Roopak Taal

Matra-7; Vibhag-3; Tali-4,6; Khali-1

Kehrwa Taal

Matra-8; Vibhag-2; Tali-1; Khali-5

Mat Taal

Matra-9; Vibhag-3; Tali-1,7; Khali-5

Jhap Taal

Matra-10; Vibhag-4; Tali-1,3,8; Khali-6

Char Taal Ki Sawari

Matra-11; Vibhag-5; Tali-1,5,7,9; Khali-5.

Some Records Refer to other Vibhag and Taali system. I will soon Update them also.

Ek Taal

Matra-12; Vibhag-6;Tali-1,5,9,11;Khali-3,7

Jai Taal

Matra-13; Vibhag-7; Taali-1,3,7,11,12; Khali-5,9.

Deep Chandi Taal

Matra-14; Vibhag-4;Tali-1,4,11;Khali-8

Pancham Sawari Taal

Matra-15; Vibhag-4; Tali-1,4,12; Khali-8

Teen Taal

Matra-16; Vibhag-4; Tali-1,5,13; Khali-9

Misc. Topics

Topics which Cover more than 1 Taal.

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