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Here you can Learn Tabla Online For free in various taals like Dadra, Roopak, Kehrwa, Jhap taal, Teen Taal and many more from Indian Classical Music. We upload new lessons regularly from which you can take benefit. You can find Video Tutorials and written notes here. So keep visiting this page to watch new lessons.

Dadra Taal

Matra-6; Vibhag-2; Tali-1; Khali-4

Roopak Taal

Matra-7; Vibhag-3; Tali-4,6; Khali-1

Kehrwa Taal

Matra-8; Vibhag-2; Tali-1; Khali-5

Mat Taal

Matra-9; Vibhag-3; Tali-1,7; Khali-5

Jhap Taal

Matra-10; Vibhag-4; Tali-1,3,8; Khali-6

Char Taal Ki Sawari

Matra-11; Vibhag-5; Tali-1,5,7,9; Khali-5.

Some Records Refer to other Vibhag and Taali system. I will soon Update them also.

Ek Taal

Matra-12; Vibhag-6;Tali-1,5,9,11;Khali-3,7

Jai Taal

Matra-13; Vibhag-7; Taali-1,3,7,11,12; Khali-5,9.

Deep Chandi Taal

Matra-14; Vibhag-4;Tali-1,4,11;Khali-8

Pancham Sawari Taal

Matra-15; Vibhag-4; Tali-1,4,12; Khali-8

Teen Taal

Matra-16; Vibhag-4; Tali-1,5,13; Khali-9

Misc. Topics

Topics which Cover more than 1 Taal.

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