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About Me and training Method

I have experince of more than 10 years in Tabla training. As a result, I have invented a unique method of teaching Tabla. I used to teach the students not only playing compositions but also composing new themes and variations. I work on enhancing Tonal Correction of student. "Learn Tabla online" is one of the most searched keyword on internet. Because nobody has enough time to travel due to their tough schedules. As a result they all are trying to learn via online platforms to save time.

I categorized my syllabus into 7 parts, which I say course manuals. In these course manuals you will learn Tabla in a very interactive, easy, and planned way. We will start with hand-positioning -> basic phrases -> basic exercises -> Solo in Teen Taal, Roopak Taal, Ek Taal, Mat Taal, Jhap Taal, Char Taal Ki Sawari, Dhamaar, Jhoomta, Ada Chartaal, Pancham Sawari Taal-> Ek Taal and Teen Taal vilambit theka -> Kehrwa/Dadra/Deepchandi light taals.

What's Special?

In 7th manual we will learn traditional compositions of different Gharanas. During your course you will also learn composing new themes and variations, How to use Single composition in all Taals, Learn Theory in a Easy and pratical manner, Learn in detail about making Kaydas, Peshkars According to their Jati in different Taals.

Our International Extend
Our International Extend

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