Learn to Play Tabla Online

!!Coming Soon!!

We are starting an online platform where you can learn Tabla for Free. Right now we are working on Tabla Basic lessons for Beginners(Written Notes, Images and Video Tutorials included).

This Basic Course will cover following topics:

  1. Introduction of Tabla,
  2. Parts of tabla,
  3. Phrases of Tabla,
  4. Glossary of Terms(Basic),
  5. Basic Practical Exercises,
  6. Theka Teen Taal,
  7. Basic Kayda 1 (DhatiDhati),
  8. Basic Kayda 2 (GheGhe Tit),
  9. Basic kayda 3 (Dhadha Tit),
  10. Basic katda 4 (Dhadha Tittkit),
  11. Rela (Dha Tittkit),
  12. Introduction to Dadra Taal, Rupak Taal and Keharwa Taal,
  13. Basic Laggis in Dadra Taal,
  14. Basic Laggis in Roopak Taal,
  15. Basic Laggis in Keharwa Taal,
  16. Vishnu Digambar Bhatkhande Taal-Lipi method